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Manual Low Pressure Molding Machine MIGL-28
Semiautomatic Low Pressure Molding Machine MIGL-33
Computerized Semiautomatic Low Pressure Molding Machine MIGL-33C
Automatic Low Pressure Molding Machine MIGL-37
Planetary Heated Mixer Model MIGL-32 with vacuum system
Mixer MIGL-34C with data acquisition
Sample parts
The main advantage of Low Pressure Molding is that you can make the same or better quality parts using less than 100 psi (8 kg/cm2) instead of hundreds psi. Compressed air produces the molding pressure and no moving components like screws or plungers are used in our machines. Machines consume minimum energy. Tooling is less expensive and have longer life. Any ceramic and metal powders or composites can be used for Low Pressure Molding.

The price for machines includes basic information on mix preparation, binder system and dewaxing.

View the video showing our machines in operation. (9MB, you need QuickTime Player)

Compared to High Pressure Injection Machines MIGL Machines have:

  • No moving components like screws to produce molding pressure.
  • Lower energy consumption.
  • Smaller overall dimensions of machines.
  • Mixer is the integral part of each Low Pressure Molding Machine.
  • Smaller die sizes, cheaper die materials and longer life.
  • No waste of materials — 100% recycling.
  • Pneumatic operation, no hydraulics.
  • Any kind of powders to mold from.
  • Uniform density of sintered parts.
  • No limitation in the volume of injection.

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